At least 10 suspected al-Qaeda militants, three civilians killed in US drone attack in Yemen

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At least 10 individuals, suspected of being al-Qaeda militants, along with three civilians died in a U.S. drone attack in south Yemen on Saturday, the country’s Supreme Security Commission said, according to reports.

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The strike targeted an SUV carrying 11 suspected combatants, one of whom was injured but survived, in the mountainous Sawmaa area of the al-Bayda province, some 168 miles southeast of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.

Three civilians who were driving close to the SUV were also killed and another five were injured by shrapnel from the bombing, EFE reports.

The number of the individuals killed varies widely in different sources. China’s Xinhua, for example, cites an unnamed Yemeni army officer who says the attack killed 16 militants and five civilians. Continue Reading


You Won’t Believe The Method That Common Core Is Using To Teach Our Kids Subtraction

Michael Snyder
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The dumbing down of America is accelerating.  A massive federal takeover of education known as “Common Core” is attempting to impose nationwide academic standards on public schools throughout the entire country.  Thanks to the backing of billionaire Bill Gates, endless promotion by the U.S. Department of Education, and financial bribes to state governments by the Obama administration, 45 states and Washington, D.C. have already agreed to implement the full Common Core standards in their schools.  Unfortunately, these “standards” are doing to public education what Obamacare is doing to our health care system – absolutely ruining it.  Just look at how basic math instruction has changed.  Posted below is a comparison between the “old method” of subtraction and the “new method” of subtraction being taught in many of our schools.  When I first came across this on Facebook, I thought that it was a joke…

Common Core Subtraction

I thought that there was no possible way that this could be real.  I really thought that this must have come from some sort of parody website.

But it is actually true. Continue Reading


High School Seniors and Parents Tell Shelly O to Stay Away

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The White House, still trying to find something useful for first lady Michelle Obama to do, decided to dispatch her to Kansas for a speech at a spring graduation ceremony. Turns out, students and parents alike don’t want her there.

Always ready to rile up race relations, the First Couple thought it would be a good idea if Michelle Obama went to Topeka on May 17, the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision that made school segregation unconstitutional. As always, the White House stomped in, declaring that five high schools would have commencement ceremonies at an 8,000-seat arena.

But a petition against her visit has been gaining power ever since the announcement, and now sports more than 1,200 signatures. Parents are worried that they won’t get the number of seats they need for joyous relatives (if you’ve been to graduations, you know each kid has a cheering section of 10 or more). And even students think the first lady will overshadow their big day. (Continue Reading..)


The Most Irony Ever: Food Poisoning Strikes Diners at Gov’t Food Safety Summit

Melissa Melton
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I’m always making a joke that our overblown government couldn’t even get together and make a noodle salad without finding some magical way to screw it up.

Apparently, and sadly so, that snarky bit of sarcasm isn’t all that far off the mark.

Food served at a Food Safety Summit held earlier this month between several of our federal agencies including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Big Food industry giants the likes of Tyson, ConAgra and McDonald’s, actually gave some of the people who attended food poisoning.

At least four people called the Baltimore City Health Department this week to report that they developed diarrhea, nausea and other symptoms about 12 hours after eating a meal April 9 during the conference at the Baltimore Convention Center. (source)

That was halfway through the conference, which transpired April 8-10. More than 1,500 food safety professionals were in attendance. An investigation by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s outbreak response unit is ongoing, and officials have yet to determine how many of those 1,500 people became ill during the summit. Continue Reading


It’s Time to Retire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a Measure of Prosperity

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GDP (PPP) per capita by countries (image source: Wiki Commons)

What if we used wellness (Gross Domestic Happiness) as a metric for prosperity rather than GDP?

Distilling an economy’s success in delivering “prosperity” to a single number has outlived its purpose. Zachary Karabell describes the birth of GDP in far less complex times in (Mis)leading Indicators: Why Our Economic Numbers Distort Reality (Foreign Affairs):

A GDP that is growing in sync with expectations can enhance a country’s reputation and thus its strength and power. A GDP that is contracting or failing to meet expectations, on the other hand, can lead to disaster. Yet a hundred years ago, the concept of GDP did not exist; history unfolded without it. The United States, for example, managed to win its independence, fight a civil war, and conquer a continent without any measure of national income.GDP’s origins lie in the 1930s, when economists and policymakers in the United States and the United Kingdom struggled to understand and respond to the Great Depression.

It is not terribly surprising that economists and policymakers came to favor a statistical technique that helped the United States survive a depression and win a war. But not even the economists who invented this metric imagined that GDP would become so central to every state in the world within a few short decades. Continue Reading


Are You Ready For The Price Of Food To More Than Double By The End Of This Decade?

Michael Snyder
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Do you think that the price of food is high now?  Just wait.  If current trends continue, many of the most common food items that Americans buy will cost more than twice as much by the end of this decade.  Global demand for food continues to rise steadily as crippling droughts ravage key agricultural regions all over the planet.  You see, it isn’t just the multi-year California drought that is affecting food prices.  Down in Brazil (one of the leading exporters of food in the world), the drought has gotten so bad that 142 cities were rationing water at one point earlier this year.  And outbreaks of disease are also having a significant impact on our food supply.  A devastating pig virus that has never been seen in the U.S. before has already killedup to 6 million pigs.  Even if nothing else bad happens (and that is a very questionable assumption to make), our food prices are going to be moving aggressively upward for the foreseeable future.  But what if something does happen?  In recent years, global food reserves have dipped to extremely low levels, and a single major global event (war, pandemic, terror attack, planetary natural disaster, etc.) could create an unprecedented global food crisis very rapidly.

A professor at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University named Timothy Richards has calculated what the drought in California is going to do to produce prices at our supermarkets in the near future.  His projections are quite soberingContinue Reading


What John Kerry Didn’t Say in Geneva

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As usual, Secretary of State John Kerry got off on the wrong foot at his press conference in Geneva yesterday, where he announced a US/EU/Russia/Ukraine agreement to lower tensions in eastern Ukraine. In fact he again put his foot in his mouth.After ignoring the real neo-Nazis who have infected the US-backed post-coup government in Kiev like an ebola virus, Kerry began his press conference yesterday denouncing the anti-coup protesters in the east as the real Nazis, citing an inflammatory document purportedly demanding that the Jews in the restive Donetsk region register as such with local authorities and pay a fee for the privilege.

Citing this document, an incensed John Kerry roared that:

…this is not just intolerable; it’s grotesque. It is beyond unacceptable. And any of the people who engage in these kinds of activities, from whatever party or whatever ideology or whatever place they crawl out of, there is no place for that. And unanimously, every party today joined in this condemnation of that kind of behavior.

There is only one problem. The whole thing was such an obvious fraud that the claim was debunked almost immediately. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the ADL, the National Conference Supporting Jews, the New Republic, and even the Ukrainian official whose signature was purportedly on the document itself all declared in no uncertain terms that the whole thing was a total fraud. Continue Reading