Daily Caller | George Soros’s Open Society Foundations spent $650,000 in an effort to influence Pope Francis during his visit to the United States, a leaked document reveals.

DC Whispers | Megyn Kelly’s ongoing misrepresentation of Donald Trump and his millions of supporters continued this week as she returned to the Fox News airwaves following a lengthy summer hiatus.

Zero Hedge | Trump's running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, reiterated Trump's call for a special prosecutor to investigate possible corruption.


Daily Sheeple | Over the past six months, DC restaurants have lost 1,400 jobs, a 3% decrease.

Economic Collapse |The critics of Obamacare have been proven right.


Propaganda Matrix | Warning follows German advisory for citizens to stockpile enough food and water for 10 days.

James Corbett | In other words, the UN is just like the Hotel California: “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.”


Natural Society | Zika could spread to Louisiana.

Natural Society | Thousands of personal lawsuits have been filed.

World At War

Truthstream Media | I wasn't going to, but then I saw the CNN anchor pretend to cry...


Thomas DiLorenzo | As worrisome as this is, an even bigger brain damage threat to young people is what I call the academic zika virus, transmitted by left-wing, politically-correct “educators.”

James Corbett | Freedom. Terrible, terrible freedom. It’s almost like people are naturally inclined to seek it out.


The Free Thought Project | For hanging a flag upside down on his own property, Homer Martz was kidnapped by state agents and charged with a crime.

Natural News | All of this for a virus that has been here for decades and is patented?

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The Free Thought Project | While it looks like an Orwellian satire gone wrong, the site is very real and the NSA has no problem admitting it.

Anti Media | The Intercept recently began releasing batches of top secret internal newsletters from the most important division of the NSA, the Signals Intelligence Directorate, or SIGINT.

Pokemon Go Swarm Shows How Easy It Is to Control the Masses