Zero Hedge | "America doesn’t trust you anymore. That’s the truth... and that’s not one party, that’s both" raged former Senator Tom Coburn during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs this week.

Daily Caller | Watching President Barack Obama travel to Cuba, he says, made him “want to throw up.”

Claire Bernish | What does a government do when it’s caught in a flagrant lie? If you are the U.S. government, you simply tell another lie — and laugh at anyone who tries to call out your hypocrisy.


Michael Snyder | Of course it isn’t just the tech giants that are troubled these days.

Michael Snyder | If nobody is working in one out of every five U.S. families, then how in the world can the unemployment rate be close to 5 percent as the Obama administration keeps insisting?


RT | Bitcoin’s code was released in 2009 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, and the true identity of Nakamoto was increasingly hard-sought as the virtual currency gained traction.

By: Ferghane Azihari | Mises.org The United Kingdom (UK) is about to hold a referendum on June 23rd on whether it should leave or remain...


Natural News | That a meal doesn't rot after sitting around for so long is testament to the fact that there's nothing healthy happening in McDonald's meals.

Prevent Disease | One day we will all wonder why we ever made detergents so toxic--after all they are going on the clothes we put on our backs.

World At War

Common Dreams | 'There are laws—even in the heat of warfare—which must be followed. And no one is above them,' says Physicians for Human Rights.


Mises.org | First of all, we must note that the very concept of "fair share" is misleading as it assumes everything governments do is absolutely essential.

Chris Eger | Mayor Mitch Landrieu and city leaders announced a multi-faceted proposed Gun Safety Ordinance on Friday in an effort to combat crime by going after guns.


WND | It said that in the long term, the tax should apply to all foods at varying levels depending on climate impact.

Truth Revolt | A city council in England sent out a letter to parents asking them to support their child's choice of "gender identity" before starting school.

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The Daily Sheeple | The list goes on and on but the message is clear: robots and AI are here and millions of people, from factory workers to front desk clerks to truck drivers, are going to have their entire livelihoods yanked away.

Mike Masnick | NSA knows with certainty that the upstream collection ... results in the acquisition of wholly domestic communications.

NGOs, the Pentagon, and the Human Rights - Industrial Complex