Divide and Conquer: Dinosaur Media Labels Cliven Bundy as a Racist

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Eyes Open Report

The Lamestream, dinosaur media is on the offensive against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. From MSNBC to Dateline nightly news the word from the propaganda spewers is that Cliven is a racist.

A video has surfaced of Cliven Bundy discussing the nature of government welfare and how it is effecting the African American community. The televised propaganda machine has taken Bundys words completely out of context as you will see below.


“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” Bundy said in the video. ( Bundys use of the word negro is the dinosaur medias excuse to call him a racist) When I go to north las vegas and I would see these little government houses and in front of this government house the door was usually open and the old people and the kids..always atleast a half a doxzen people sitting on the porch.

They didnt have nothing to do..they didnt have nothing for their kids to do..nothing for their young girls to do, Bundy went on.

And because they were basically on government subsidies, so now what do they do, they abort their young children, they put their young men in jail.. becuause they never picked cotton. I often wonder are they better off as slaves picking cotton..or are they better off under government subsidy.

They didnt get more freedom, they got less freedom Bundy explained.

Its obvious that what Bundy was saying is that the welfare state is negatively effecting the African American community. (If you dont believe Bundy a little research will prove him correct) Bundy simply makes the comparison to the life of a dependent welfare recipient and a slave.

The lamestream medias demonization of Bundy is a classic divide and conquer scheme. It is all a attempt to disconnect the African American community from the liberty movement. A Movement in which Cliven has just entered the limelight.

The real racists are the propagandists who are waging war on humanity by their attempts to create division.

Shame on MSNBC..shame on all the teleprompter readers labeling Bundy a racist. In a time when the American people need to come together the most, this is the twist of reality they feed us.

Video below provides the rational view of situation. Take a look..